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WE are the ellameno beat


The Ellameno Beat is a band of twenty-somethings hailing from Jensen Beach, Florida. Founded and produced by lead singer Reggie Froom, the group channels an original progressive roots sound and presence that is the product of a life-long passion for soulful expression through music and the ocean.


Vocals/Guitar - Reggie Froom

Keyboards - Walker Brantingham

Bass - Dylon Hixon

Drums - James Rosenblit


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by The Ellameno Beat

Muse is the first single off of the latest album "Surface" premiered by Rootfire.


  • 4:31
    The Ellameno Beat

Press highlights 


Topshelf Reggae reviews Surface

"This heady, illusory album leads listeners down a reggae rabbit hole of self-reflection, with jazz, blues, funk and EDM elements thrown in for good measure.  Between muted trumpets and bumping bass lines, Surface is anything but scratching the surface of how immersed The Ellameno Beat goes."

--Kristy Rose, "The Ellameno Beat Unleashes 'Surface' Album"

Top Shelf Reggae 8/8/2017


Huffington post premiere of "one of Us"

"Stylistically, The Ellameno Beat blends funk, soul, disco and reggae elements into what is probably best described as surf-culture music.  It's a unique sound, with an ebullient and expansive nature, that is remarkable for its sophisticated creativity, yet is simultaneously simple.  Frankly, it's "savage" and "on point."

--Randy Radic, "Single Premiere: 'One of Us'-The Ellameno Beat"  

Huffington Post 7/7/2017


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Rootfire Premiere of "Muse"

"The song starts off with a simple, catchy keyboard riff over trippy synth pad before dropping into a slow and heavy, classic roots reggae beat...Reggie's gentle vocals and the overall vibe of this song bring to mind one of my favorite classic reggae artists, Gregory Isaacs."

--Dave Shiffman,  "First Listen: The Ellameno Beat-Muse" 

Rootfire 6/2/2017